Thursday, May 25, 2006

2006 The Marmara Pera Garaj

17 April began the task of painting the garage (garaj) walls in the basement of The Marmara Pera hotel, Tepebasi. The hotel staff collaborated with NPP, congregating for a staff tea break mid-afternoon on several days during the weeks. The project was completed by varnishing the walls on 17 May 2006.
Most of the photography is by Miss. Sebla Selin Ok
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The plaque presented to Ned on behalf of the hotel staff for supervising the activity.

Birthday wishes for staff members as they blow out the candles.

“Freedom consists of man’s ability to do what he thinks and desires without any influence or intervention by others. This is the broadest definition of the concept.
Mankind has never attained liberty to this extent and never will because as is known, men are creations of nature and nature itself is not absolutely free either; it is subject to universal laws.”
Ataturk c.1930
The painting begins with a rainbow bar code theme throughout.

How it looked before the coloured paint.